Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Sister Support

I tend to just buy the Sunday papers and rarely watch national news so it was with amusement that I learnt of the kefuffle with the Minister of Finance suggesting that the Leader of the Opposition (who just happens to be a woman) to go …………… lol.
The Naughty Boy!
Yes we know the behavior was akin to a little boy tantrum and more disturbing because this was the second occurrence in recent times that the esteemed Minister had made a deprecating remark towards a woman.  
Not to get caught up in the political venting and posturing, suffice it to say that the Opposition Leader, Mia Mottley called for a parliamentary vote of no-confidence and a public petition  was targeted at the Minister of Finance,  Chris Sinckler wherein thousands of signatures were collected.

Mia Mottley
I went along to the Rally in Queens Park which was supposed to be non political and I must admit the early speakers kept it cool but by late evening the trash talk and good old Caribbean ‘bacchanal” played out.  Ms Mottley came on stage to thunderous applause, she is such an eloquent speaker! 

Queen's Park, beautiful setting for a Rallly

The rationale behind the motion was to have the Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart remove the Minister of Finance from his portfolio.  

Some dismissed the rally to be a political stunt to gain mileage.    

Whatever it was and I’m not political, but I do support Ms Mottley for taking exception to the Minister of Finance comment  that she, the Leader of the Oppostion Mia Mottley should “strip naked and run down Broad Street in her attempt to get attention”. 

Pleeeaaase Chris, Mia Amor Mottley, Queens’s Counsel, Member of Parliament and Leader of the Opposition gets attention without trying.   

Here is a woman who receives accolades for her oratorical skills, is beloved by her constituents, young old and in between, is at ease with the boys on the block, at home with Heads of Government, comes from a wealthy middle class family;  at 29 was one of the youngest Barbadians ever to hold a ministerial portfolio, a political lineage to equal that of Errol Barrow and you say she is seeking attention .... I don't think so.

No, Mr. Minister, if she does not become the next Prime Minister of Barbados I’ll eat my hat; ooops!  So maybe you should go and wash your mouth out with soap. 
Any more disparaging remarks towards women and my female friends and I may just vote Sisterhood!

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  1. I'm with you on this one 100% girlfriend.
    I hate the low-down cattiness that is bandied about in political circles these days.