Friday, 18 October 2013

Ferntrail Garden Centre

Hmm, nice framework.

Well, my girl finally threw in the towel (along
with the stress) on her 9 to 5! 

 Faith now resides in her beloved garden developing into the income generating vehicle its capable of becoming. 

Fewer people get the opportunity to work until retirement age, they don't get that gold watch and don't pass Go.

So many stumbling blocks, company restructures, going out of business, stress, poor health, something or somebody seems to get to you. 

Congrats to the brave ones who stop the madness and make do with what they have.

I'm gonna be a brave one, just watch me!

Seriously? I guess I could lend a hand!
The garden needs some work but she has a lot to
work with.

Mussaenda and Acalypha
complete for space
Dee's passion is ferns ( but she's also
an expert with orchids and cacti. 

Dee is our go-to person for plant identification, botanical or Latin names, plant species, pest control, basically anything 'plant'.

One of the fern houses.

Different shades of Desert Roses.

Ooh! a big boy Staghorn Fern.

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  1. Gorgeous have captured a different aspect, and I love it.
    My post will probably appear next week.