Monday, 7 October 2013

A Show of Floral Art

I spent a joyful evening at the
Barbados Association
of Flower Arrangers’ second
Annual Flower Show.  

Celebration time.

The floral show was indeed an art, the talent and creativity was overwhelming.  It was evident that the arrangers were not afraid in their approach to themes such as Expectations, Horizons, Suspense, One world, Rhythm, Neptune, Celebrations,
Welcome, Aaaaah … Surprise and Reflections.  

Psalm 150. Praise him with stringed instruments.

A cute lamb!

A personal favourite!
Height optimized.

Reflections, A miniature exhibit.

Another miniature.

A dried exhibit.

Featured local plant material.

Horizons - a First Place.

Bible theme with harp.
Overall, an excellent presentation of exhibition.

1 comment:

  1. I loved these floral exhibits especially Psalm 150 Praise him with string instruments.
    Really gorgeous photos....I felt like I was actually there.
    Thanks for posting.