Sunday, 28 July 2013

Back in the Garden with Peanut!

Are we done now?

Do I get paid for this?

Back rub!
 I’m happy to report that I’ve ventured back into the garden. My buddies are well pleased as are my neighbours; they can at last look forward to shrubs and plant cuttings for the community park.  The family dog which I now have to claim as mine is especially pleased to have someone to explore with.  Yes, she would prefer her master or my son but guess what Peanut it’s now you and I.  Awwww, she deserves more than a pat on the back! For, in addition to yard patrol she chews any blade of grass found sticking through the potted plants and husks coconuts for garden pot filtration.

Ooooh, I saw such a cutie yesterday, she’s Jack Russell and Chihuahua mix, three months old, spirited and full of fun.  She belongs to a neighbour’s nine year old and his five year old sister, they’ve only had her two weeks and I suspect the novelty will soon wear off.  Anyway I’ve put their mother on notice that I’d love to have her when the children tire of her …….. Watch this space!

This only takes minute.

See! finished.

Peanut’s favourite toys are dried, very hard coconuts in husks, cricket balls, she also loves sticks, and rocks, forget those shop bought toys.  As a puppy none of my pots were safe, thankfully she grew out of that and moved on to the hard stuff.  But, put her on a chain and my placid dog becomes a mean bitch, thrashing any plant, pot, tree or thing within her reach.  Enough said ...... Back to the garden.

A wee bit overgrown!

My husband had a thing about me collecting too many species of plants, like if we’re not enjoying, or selling the plant, lose it, give it away or something.  The garden is congested with way too many plants and calls for some redesign; also I must give back Peanut some cool spots in the garden and areas to dig. 

Peanut's handiwork.

My girlfriend is always re-arranging her garden; she has a ‘palm alley’ just outside her kitchen door and had a purple, green and white theme.  She dropped the purple as the petrea began to irritate her skin and the other purple plants (forgot the names) just dropped too many blooms.  Actually, she’s one of the reasons for my congestion; every change of mind is passed on to me! Love ya girl!  My expansive collection of Euphorbia has me well covered on the colour palette.  Yes Sir, my work awaits me.



Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Movie Night in the City


Last month, The Ministry of Culture, Sports &Youth held a Movie Night
in the City of Bridgetown to celebrate Heritage Month in association with
The Errol Barrow Centre for Creative Imagination.

Spectators were encouraged to bring their own chairs although there were plenty of benches lining the square.  Quite a number of persons did come with coolers filled with refreshments.
The venue and location were superb for an open air theatre. It was held in Independence Square in the heart of Bridgetown. A few minutes from the bus station, taxis, parking, fast foods, restaurants and bars.

The Careenage Waterfront and cruising vessels were a backdrop to the screen and just beyond the waterfront were the Parliament Buildings and National Heroes Square, aglow in national colours. All in all, a perfect place to relax and take in the night sights and sounds.

 Parliament Buildings

Daytime view from Independence Square across the Careenage
A very pleasant evening kicked off on time (not Bajan time!) with films produced by tutors and students of the EBCCI including those made in collaboration with tutors from Italia Media House covering a range of cultural and topical issues. 
The feature was a short documentary produced by the Director of EBCCI, Professor Gladstone Yearwood on celebrated Barbadian cultural icons, the late Governor General of Barbados, Dame Nita Barrow and visual artist, Fielding Babb.  The other 5 to 10 minute films were - 
  1. Blind Cricket - Disability is not Inability.
  2. The journey of a calypso artist - Lil Rick.
  3. Mysterious Happenings in Barbados.
  4. The National Stadium.
  5. A day in the life of a ZR conductor.
  6. Be Aware.
 The Errol Barrow Centre for Creative Imagination promotes the making, study and appreciation of the arts.  It's a hub for creative expression and the creative cycle: creation, production, distribution, appreciation and preservation of art.

Special thanks to the EBCCI for a refreshing evening, the was weather perfect with a slight breeze and a very clear night.  The crowd was relatively small but a good cross section of the community.  I sat next to two older gentlemen who came prepared with chairs, cooler, blankets, umbrella, paper plates and made a meal of the evening.  Everyone appeared to enjoy the evening, even the curious passerby's stopped and welcomed the distraction.

Monday, 22 July 2013

Browne's Beach

My new love is walking on the beach,

and not just any beach;

Browne’s Beach 

Browne’s beach is idyllic for several reasons and
beloved by many Barbadians.

It is a great place to work out, just look at the great expanse of water,
white sand, calmness, tranquilly, you be the judge!
It puts me in a good frame of mind for work. 

Whilst not new to hitting the pavement at 5 am, walking in my neighbourhood became tedious, not to mention the exhaust fumes and avoiding certain gates from barking dogs, stressful! So deciding to relocate to the beach was a no brainer. Week 4 and loving it.
The bay is often dotted with small boats and catamarans and
beneath the surface is the really interesting stuff ……
The bay is home to many shipwrecks which in turn are
home to tropical fish, frog fish, seahorses and more!
If you're a scuba diver be sure to visit Carlisle Bay.


Browne's Beach is situated within Carlisle Bay on the South
West Coast of Barbados. It is one of the largest beaches,
stretching from Bay Street,
Bridgetown to Needham Point. (Hilton Hotel).


The waters here are calm and ideal for swimming and sea bathing. 
This attracts many of our older population each morning. 
From about 5 am on several of our popular beaches can be found
mostly  retired persons, and a few exercise enthusiasts like me. 
Another group is the “returned nationals” this would be persons who
 emigrated to developed countries in the 50’s and 60’s and
returned to Barbados upon retirement. 
For this group it’s more of a social gathering.  


A lifeguard is on duty at the beach - not so early!

Without a doubt all the beaches in Barbados are fabulous but some of the favourites for early morning workouts would be Oistins, commonly known as Miami Beach, Dover, and Worthing on the south coast and perhaps Brandons, Batts Rock, and Mullins on the West Coast, there are many others.


The white sandy beach is the perfect place to catch the rays of the sun.
There is not much shade at the beach so be sure to bring your sunscreen.  



With a few nightclubs and drinking bars along the stretch
its probably fun filled in the evenings.  


I should mention that by law, all beaches in Barbados are open to the
public from the high-water mark down to the sea.
Not a one is off-limits to anyone.


Barbados beaches are a favorite getaway for celebrities the world over.
Celebrity or not, everyone who visits marvels at Barbados'
pink-white beaches, which are made of coral reefs that have
been ground into a very fine powder by the waves of the ocean. 

Take note!


Be sure to visit Browne’s Beach because it’s a lovely beach!

Monday, 1 July 2013

Cool Runnings

We celebrated my sister's 60th birthday sailing on the catamaran Cool Runnings III.  (My girl proudly wore her 'Sexy @ 60' pin given to her by her adored granddaughter).  
Captain Eddie
Such a memorable day, Captain Eddie and crew made everyone feel at home as we sailed along the West Coast.   
We snorkeled with the sea turtles, enjoyed the schools of tropical fish by the coral reef and saw a sunken barge close to Folkestone Bay.  I have only good things to say about the cruise, the good humoured crew entertained the very young, in between and the older folks.  Plenty eats and drink, great lunch, the macaroni pie and King fish were the 'chefs favourite'.  Oh! did I mention the very open bar, which catered to all (I had two cups of Earl Grey), before the rum punch that is.  
The crew showed us key features along the coast, introduced visitors to calypso - more so how to 'wuk up', but I particularly like the back to the 70's music, anyway  we arrived back at the Bridgetown Wharf in great party spirit and ready to go again.
The birthday celebrations continue ....
Cooling off

Taking a breather

Sir Anthony Bamford’s (Chairman of JCB) house